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Ferme Saint-Siméon | Château La Chenevière | Villa Lara

Ferme Saint Siméon

Welcome to La Ferme Saint Siméon, a gem in the heart of Honfleur that is more than just a hotel. It is a place steeped in over 400 years of history, where hospitality has been an art for two centuries. This iconic spot isn’t just about a stay; it is about experiencing something truly special.

Here at La Ferme Saint Siméon, you are stepping into a piece of art history. This beautiful 17th-century inn was a favorite of famous Impressionist artists like Claude Monet, Jongkind, and Sisley.

Step into a world where the past and present blend seamlessly, creating an ambiance of refined sophistication and serene beauty. 

Château La Chenevière

Welcome to Château La Chenevière, a five-star hotel located on the Normandy coast, between Bayeux and the WWII landing beaches.

This 18th century manor house, nestled in a romantic park, will welcome you inside its walls brimming with history. Fully restored in 1988, it has retained its cachet of yesteryear so you can enjoy an extraordinary stay today, steeped in peace and luxury.

Settle into one of its 29 comfortable, spacious rooms and let them treat you to the château life, complete with discreet service, a personalized welcome and deluxe amenities.

Villa Lara

Villa Lara is a 5-star hotel is located in the very heart of Bayeux’s historic and medieval centre, across from the cathedral and a short distance from the famous tapestry and the D-Day beaches.

The 28 rooms, with surface areas between 30 and 50 m², come in different colours with furniture largely created by the famous French cabinetmakers Moissonnier. They offer lots of comfort, and a tranquil view over the 11th century cathedral, which is illuminated at night. With refined decor, subdued luxury and a cosy atmosphere, they combine traditional French elegance with the comfort of a high-end hotel.

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