Classic Collection

Designed for leisure travelers, our Classic Collection is a selection of our favorite, tried-and-tested touring days and experiences in each region—“conversation starters” to help us create a simply perfect itinerary for your clients.

Small Group Voyage Collection

Designed for small groups of friends and family, our exclusive Voyage Collection is a selection of all-inclusive multi-day travel programs focused on a particular interest or theme, from perfume, art, or history to wine and gastronomy.

Private Client Experiences

Designed for top-tier clients and seasoned travelers who require unique, exclusive travel programs, we offer fully customized, bespoke itineraries, unforgettable à la carte Private Client experiences, and a range of VIP services.

What travel advisors say about us

“Andy’s service and competence is top notch when it comes to handling my clients. I can always depend on him to come up with an amazing experience for them. He has a great collection of tours I can offer my client for the Côte D’Azur.”

– Lydia Ganz, CTC, Luxury Travel Advisor

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