Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.

― Auguste Rodin

Born in Paris in 1840, the French sculptor François Auguste René Rodin is generally considered the founder of modern sculpture.  In such beloved works as The Thinker and The Kiss, he embraces a naturalism in his work that starkly contrasted with the traditional figurative approach of his contemporaries.Join us for an extraordinary experience focused on this brilliant innovator, beginning with a private visit of his house in nearby Meudon, where you will discover his workshop and relax over lunch in his dining room.

In Paris, visit the eponymous Rodin Museum; with its stunning collection and beautiful gardens, it is one of the city’s finest small museums.  View the artist’s personal collection of Impressionist paintings, and explore the museum’s reserves, where his plaster models are stored.  Optionally, dine at the museum surrounded by the master’s art work, or enjoy a truly unique and unforgettable evening, including a firework display—the only place in Paris where this can be done as a private experience—followed by a blissful night’s sleep in a transparent luxury igloo in the private garden.

Your extraordinary Rodin day concludes with the most memorable and lasting experience of all, the purchase of an original bronze Rodin sculpture for your personal art collection.

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