For serious wine connoisseurs, we’re happy to offer a range of extraordinary services that go above and beyond touring and tasting.


Through our associations with wine professionals in Burgundy, Provence, Champagne, the Côte du Rhone and the Loire Valley, Andy Swann Wine has access to some of the finest wines in France.  Whether you wish to purchase individual cases of a favourite grand cru or build your cellar from scratch with a selection of exceptional vintages from all over France, under the guidance of a professional sommelier, we can help.  Please contact us to enquire about the availability of specific wines or to request more information about our cellar stocking service.


If you are a lover of Burgundy wine, why not treat yourself to the unique pleasure of purchasing wine created especially for you?  Because of our special relationships with Burgundy wine makers, we can introduce you to selected vintners who will help you select and purchase the grapes, and create your personal “limited edition” wine in small quantities.  These wines make a perfect addition to your cellar or for a special event or occasion.


If owning a wonderful cellar isn’t enough, consider the ultimate dream of owning your own French vineyard.

Occasionally (although rarely) family-run vineyards come up for sale, often because the new generation moves on to other pursuits.  Being in situ, with excellent contacts in the regional wine industry, means that we often hear about vineyard purchase opportunities long before they appear on the real estate market.

Working in collaboration with our sister company, Quid Oeno, we can help make your dream of owning a vineyard come true, conducting a vineyard search, guiding you through the purchase process, and introducing you to reputable estate agents, financial institutions, and legal services who will help you every step of the way.

If you’re interested in running the estate as a business when your purchase is completed, we can assist with the technical specifications of wine production and the management of your vineyard, creating a plan for wine distribution, producing a wine tourism analytical survey, and introducing you to the best oeneologists, marketing and sales professionals, architects, construction companies, chefs, wine tourism companies, and other wine industry professionals.

If you would like us to begin a vineyard search for you, or to be advised when vineyards become available, please contact us.

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