We’re well aware that part of our success comes from working with trusted service providers and affiliates, both locally and in other regions, whose insistence on quality and focus on customer satisfaction equal our own.

In addition to working with regional partners in France, Andy Swann Voyage works in collaboration with selected Country Partners in Italy, Spain, Australia, and the United Kingdom.  These exclusive partnerships allow us to offer an expanded range of French travel experiences (such as itineraries that combine both the French and Italian Riviera) as well as introductions to like-minded destination experts in other countries.

Visit our Meet our partners page for more info…


Travel is all about experience:  the places you go, the things you see.  But truly memorable travel is also about the people you meet along the way.

After many years of living in France, we’ve had the opportunity to meet many extraordinary people, including wonderful artists and artisans.  Some are French natives, others are French “by adoption,” but all are dedicated to carrying on the creative work that has contributed to France’s reputation as a center for art and culture.

Now you can meet them too, by visiting our new Meet a Local page.


At Andy Swann Voyage, we’re passionate about wine.  We love learning about wine, exploring France’s many wine regions and, of course, discovering and tasting extraordinary wines from Bandol to Burgundy, from Châteauneuf-du-Pape to Champagne.

With this in mind, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve added a new service to our “wine portfolio.”  Simply go to the new wine-focused section of our website to read about our featured wines, plan a wine tour to Burgundy, Provence, Champagne, or the Loire Valley, “meet” local vintners, and discover a selection of wines that can be purchased and shipped to your home destination.

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