At Andy Swann Voyage, we’re focused on delivering exceptional service to all of our clients who have chosen France as their travel destination.  To assist clients traveling outside of France, we are proud to collaborate with a network of selected country partners whose business ethics and commitment to quality service equal our own.

Carol Faenzi and her team curate luxurious, authentic, and personalized travel within Tuscany for very small groups of ardent, discerning, and curious Seekers of Beauty.

Carol’s ancestors emigrated to America at the turn of the 20th century from two iconic cities of Tuscany:  Carrara, famous for its pure white marble quarries and Pitigliano, located in southern Tuscany in the Land of the Etruscans.

Carol Faenzi’s popular novel, The Stonecutter’s Aria, led her to design excursions based on ancestral places and the stories of her stone-carving ancestors.  She wrote the book during a career sabbatical while staying on a property once owned by Michelangelo, in the hills above Florence.  Her business partner and the owner, Alessandra Marchetti, is an art historian, tour guide and expert on the Artist.

Together, they have created very special cultural experiences throughout Tuscany, many of them private and exclusive.  One example:  A private concert in Puccini’s home, the music played on his piano and a soprano performing his most famous arias, all at the invitation of Signora Simonetta Puccini and her Foundation.

Other unique subjects and experiences have included:  Renaissance art and architecture with a special emphasis on Michelangelo and Carrara Marble; Florence Renaissance History; Art Classes; Art Restoration; Cooking Classes; Artisans; Gardens; British and American Expat History; Literary; Tuscan Cuisine; Best Wineries; Truffle Hunt on Private Estate; Olive Harvest; Southern Tuscany and Etruscan Archaeology.

Carol’s guests stay at a stunning 17th century countryside Villa near Florence, owned by Alessandra’s family.  Chefs prepare fabulous Tuscan cuisine.  Private, luxury Mercedes Benz transportation enhance pleasure and comfort. Itineraries are customized for small groups up to twelve.  Also available are private retreats at the Villa for artists, writers and those seeking more relaxation and quiet.    Facebook and Instagram:  My Tuscan Aria

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