The king is full of kindnesses toward me, and I love him tenderly. But it is pitiable to see his weakness for Madame du Barri, who is the silliest and most impertinent creature that it is possible to conceive.

-Marie Antoinette

Can a piece of jewelry spark a revolution? Apparently, yes—if that jewelry is a one-of-a-kind diamond necklace intended for the mistress of a king, and the centerpiece of a scandal involving an unpopular queen….

Delve into the affair of Marie Antoinette and the diamond necklace, beginning at the Palace of Versailles with a private guided visit of the Queen’s apartments and the Trianons, including exclusive access to restricted parts of the Hameau de la Reine. Continue to the Château de Breteuil for a private viewing of a replica of the necklace, and visit the Hôtel de Rohan, the former residence of the eponymous Cardinal who was tricked into purchasing the necklace for the queen.

Your program for the day then takes you from the 18th century scandals of Versailles to the elegant Place Vendôme, and the workshops of the legendary jeweler Boucheron[1]. Meet with the creative director, and enjoy an exclusive viewing of their collection, presented by models in a private apartment reserved for a few select clients. At the end of your visit, leave with a beautiful piece of jewelry from the Maison de Boucheron’s haute Joaillerie collection, a souvenir fit for a queen….

[1] Based on date of travel, availability, and preference, please note that this visit may be replaced by a visit to either Chaumet or Mellerio. Please enquire for more information.

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