Overview of Lyon – Beaujolais

Long regarded as the country’s capital of gastronomy, the fascinating city of Lyon has an intriguing history as well. Wander through its secret traboules—covered passageways—to discover the homes and factories of its silk workers, explore the Fourvière district, with its towering Basilica and Roman ruins, or simply indulge in its culinary delights during a visit of the famous covered market, Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse. From Lyon, spend a day in Beaujolais, visiting the golden villages of Pierres Dorées, or follow the grand cru wine route from Lyon to Beaune.

Andy’s words on Lyon and Beaujolais:

“Lyon is truly the gastronomic capital of France with food served in authentic bouchons. As the second city in France, it also has a very rich culture and history. And for me, it is the gateway to exploring the exciting region of Beaujolais and its grands crus vineyards, which after many years of neglect are now flourishing and are definitely worth a touring day en-route to Burgundy.”

– Andy

Bespoke Itineraries

Explore the history, culture, wine and gastronomy of Lyon, from the silk factories of Croix-Rousse to Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse, as well as the treasures of Beaujolais, from its gold-stone villages to its grand cru vineyards. Discover our Classic Collection tours and experiences in Lyon and Beaujolais.

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