At Andy Swann Voyage, we’re focused on delivering exceptional service to all of our clients who have chosen France as their travel destination.  To assist clients traveling outside of France, we are proud to collaborate with a network of selected country partners whose business ethics and commitment to quality service equal our own.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Lea Seguier is a Sales Ambassador to some of the best properties around the globe.  Since graduating from Surrey University in England, she has actively pursued a career in the hospitality industry, working in France and Australia for top hotel collections including Belmond, Shangri-La, Oetker Collection and La Reserve. Over the years, she has built strong relationships and contacts within the luxury travel sector, traveling worldwide as a Director of Sales and developing her knowledge of the elite luxury network.

Lea made the entrepreneurial jump a few years ago, establishing her own company in Sydney.  With her years of experience in the hospitality industry and strong focus on Australasia, it was a natural next step to return.  

Lea  is now highlighting in Australia the finest brands in the world.  She  is the exclusive ambassador of the  marvellous African group Singita and La Réserve hotels.  Her team represents the Greek Myconian Collection  as well as an amazing and unique castle, the Domaine des Etangs in Massignac, France. 

With her wonderful reputation in the luxury travel sector, her passion for up-market guest experiences, and her strong belief in the potential of the luxury travel industry, Lea is an ideal partner and ambassador for Andy Swann in Australia.  Together, they will focus on opening the doors of this market, enabling Australians to discover all the charm of our lovely France.

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