The core value at House Martin of London is to ensure our clients’ households run like clockwork.  We fine tune discerning residences and work with domestic staff to entrench impeccable standards of service and organization, to create harmony within the residence and enable our clients and their domestic staff to enjoy better relations. We offer on-site bespoke training on any specified area, thus creating an especially well run home to our exacting standards. 

About Martin

Martin Higgins

Martin Higgins is the CEO of House Martin of London Ltd., a company he established in order to offer his years of experience and services to assist the UHNW in harmonizing every aspect of their homes and lifestyles.

He began his illustrious career at Buckingham Palace as a footman and under butler. Since then, he has worked throughout Europe and the United States for an elite clientele.

Through his professionalism, reliability, diplomacy, and his extensive experience in all fields of private service, he has juggled the care of multiple households, planned exclusive events in some of the most incredible locations, and arranged itineraries for his clients that surpass what the average traveller could only imagine.

This three-decade experience, coupled with the utmost concern and empathy for his clients, has allowed Martin to establish incredible connections with many companies and services for the UHNW.

Now, based in London, he has happily agreed to open the doors to his exclusive network and act as our UK representative. In his capacity as Major Domo and Chief of Staff, he has made many fantastic connections in all areas that assist the discerning families he looks after. He is excited to utilize his incredible network to our benefit, and create bespoke experiences and gain inside access to many exclusive events and locations that are normally unobtainable.

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