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Castelbrac | Les Maisons de Bricourt – Ferme du Vent


Facing the ramparts of Saint-Malo, Castelbrac overlooks the sea. On the cliffside, in perfect harmony with the landscape, the elegant establishment of today hides a baroque spirit and several metamorphoses.

23 rooms and suites open onto the sea, an extraordinary setting where you can indulge in the sweetness of life and well-being, while enjoying the beauty of the location.

Castelbrac has a swimming corridor reserved for hotel guests. As for the solarium, it will help in the healing of body and mind that you’ll come looking for during a stay at Castelbrac, Soul Haven.

Les Maisons de Bricourt – Ferme du Vent

The farm’s magic is sown everywhere by the wind itself. Ferme du Vent (the “Farm of the Winds”) is not ostentatious, yet instantly recognizable. Its lines can be taken in in one glance: the imposing Celtic silhouettes have been carefully and respectfully restored.

There is no wifi or television. Turn off your mobile phone and enjoy a place that heightens the senses. Beautiful cottages that offer the very best in terms of hospitality, the 6 kleds of the Ferme du Vent are dressed in wood and rough stone. Some have comfortable bathtubs to relax in, facing the sea.

Everything points towards the empty shore. The kaleidoscopic sea serves as a canvas. The extraordinary lunar clock signals the ebbs and tides of the bay and watches over everything and everyone.

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