Greek Travel Reimagined

Myths + Muses is a boutique destination specialist offering distinctive journeys in Greece to celebrate, unite, and inspire.

Myths + Muses co-founders Nektaria Panagiotari and Christina Papavlasopoulos met as colleagues at a fashion firm in Athens, and became great friends and travel partners. With a shared passion for Greece and bringing women together, they joined forces as travel planners for women’s trips. When they sought to find the perfect Greek experiences for their clients, they simply weren’t finding what they wanted, so they created it. Now, they create incredible itineraries throughout Greece for all of life’s occasions.

Bringing connection to the heart of each guest’s very own Greek odyssey, Myths + Muses stands apart in their innovation of remarkable and authentic experiences that are directly sourced or created with local partners including artisan workshops, rich storytelling tours, optional “his and her” days, and luxury self-driven itineraries. With Greece as their muse, each Myths + Muses journey is specifically designed to bring guests together through stylish stays and extraordinary experiences.

Learn the skills that Greek craftsmen have perfected for centuries in workshops like pottery making in Crete or marble sculpting in Tinos, where you’ll discover why Tinian marble is found everywhere from Buckingham Palace to the Louvre. Enjoy delectable delights, like a farm-to-table meal prepared on an organic farm, or a fresh-caught oyster dinner with wine pairing by a sommelier right on the beach. With each Myths + Muses experience, you’ll earn a new appreciation for the art of Mediterranean cuisine, art, and culture.

Allow us to show you Greek travel reimagined.

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