Nathalie Le Guillou was born in 1965 in Brittany, on the extreme west coast of France where the land stops and the sea commences.  Her upbringing in this landscape has marked her with a vision that never ceases to be apparent in her paintings, which often feature these influences.

After having been an underwater photographer for a many years, often in the tropical seas of Polynesia, the Maldives or the Red Sea, Nathalie has engraved the depths, the blues, and the emeralds in the palette of her emotions.

Today, she is installed in Antibes in a charming little atelier-gallery just steps away from the former Château Grimaldi, now the Musée Picasso.  The museum is dedicated to the Spanish painter who himself chose this corner of the French Riviera for its range of vivid colours and its easygoing lifestyle.

Nat now divides her time and talent between sculpture and painting. On one side are her sculptures and the magic of bringing alive in three dimensions the memories of her distant travels; on the other, the infinite surprise of her original paintings in vibrant colors reminiscent of the land and the sea, the destiny of a completely contented artist.

Her work in on view in her gallery in the old town of Antibes, L’Atelier de Nat, or at the Palm Gallery in West Palm Beach, Florida.


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