David Welsh is widely known as an artist and painter of Provence.  When he is not the the North East of England, you will find him in Lacoste, France, a Medieval perched village in the Luberon Valley.  Like many artists before him, he is drawn to the Provencal landscape, which he captures in his own distinctive style of impressionism. 

Provence is a land apart, a region of outstanding beauty and gateway to the South of France.  I want those who come into contact with my work to feel they are part of me and my observations of the country I love.

The light throughout Provence has inspired artists through the years.  I want the France I represent to be sensual and aromatic, with morning mists, shimmering light, and where intensity of heat is reflected  in every stroke of colour used.  I want colour to intensify the drama of the encounter, rhythmic use of the soft pastel to energise the surface used. I want to remind the viewer that they are encountering a rough hewn artfully constructed piece of work.

I create these vibrant and yet mellow paintings of Provence to give a spiritual calmness of an amazing landscape that, once seen in reality, you will find almost unimaginable to want to leave behind.

To see more of David’s work, please visit his website.



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